Who do you look like?

20 May

I’ve got no proof, but people tell me I look like the guy from Man vs Food. I don’t know if I do or not. I’ll leave that to you:

Now in the same vein, I’ve been told I look like Billy Joel. Looking at these two I think it must be the eyes:


I can sorta see this one, but I won’t totally see it till I shed a few pounds:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 11.58.51 PM


In the last few days and for the first time, I got this on twitter. I don’t know who this Will Hayden guy is, but it’s got to be the eyes.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 11.00.24 PM

And this is a first. I posted a new pic recently and got a token “Michael Keaton” comment. Seeing as he’s one of my faves, I’m down with that.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.27.24 AM


But that’s just ignoring the elephant in the room. Clearly I bear resemblance to the next guy the most. While I’m too humble to admit it, people like Leigha Baer have had no issue raising the topic:

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 11.05.59 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 11.07.59 PM
Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.42.07 PM

Without clear evidence to the contrary, I say it must be Channing Tatum. I mean. . . who can’t see that? :)


How many of these actors can you name?

27 Jan











Richard Gant Special Unit 2






11th Annual Prism Awards


Answer Key


Jack Warden
billcobbs Bill Cobbs
bill-paxton Bill Paxton
carlpayne Carl Payne
brian d'arcy james Brian D’arcy James
davidstrathairn David Strathairn
DorisRoberts Doris Roberts
ediemcclurg Edie Mcclurg
nicholas-turturro Nicholas Turturro
phillipbakerhall Phillip Baker Hall
reginaldveljohnson Reginald VelJohnson
Richard Gant Special Unit 2 Richard Gant
cathymoriarty Cathy Moriarty
harvepresnell Harve Presnell
Dennis-Haysbert Dennis Haysbert
Kim-Raver Kim Raver
elliotGould Elliot Gould
11th Annual Prism Awards Jayne brook
paul-gleason Paul Gleason

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary School Students

20 Dec

A friend sent me this notice on Facebook today. The Sandy Hook Elementary students will be returning back to their school after the holiday break is over. The school’s PTA came up with the idea of decorating the school with paper snowflakes.

So my son and I made these tonite and we’d like you to make some as well.
Don’t feel you have to make them from pretty paper, school lunch bags make cool snowflakes, especially with white glitter. Harder to keep for any period of time, foil snow flakes are really cool on the wall. Help them make their school look like wintery fun!

After you make them, send them here:

Connecticut PTSA
Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Students
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, Ct. 06514

They must be received by January 12th.

Christmas Secrets for New Parents

12 Dec

hiding-christmas-presentsSo if you’re new to the parenting game here’s some clues as to what you shouldn’t be doing:

1. Don’t wrap “Santa’s presents” in the same wrapping paper as everything else. (if you wrap them, that is)

2. Don’t immediately whip out the receipt if a Santa present has a problem. Because then you have two problems.

3. Santa doesn’t write “Love, mom” on the tag.

4. Don’t leave presents in the Target bag till Christmas Eve. Trying to carry all that stuff to the Christmas tree room without making a sound is impossible. Instead take them out of the bags and hide presents in suitcases. (suitcases are quiet when you’re carrying them after the kids go to sleep)

5. Do not hide them in the trunk of your car. If you do, it will surely be cold and drizzly and will sap the magic right out of the moment.

6. Santa does not give books or socks as presents.

7. If you drink the milk the kids leave out for Santa, just remember he does not traditionally wear lipstick.

8. There is no “naughty list”. All kids get presents.

My Employment History – Fun Memories

2 Nov

Babysitter – 10 yrs old – Anchorage, AK

Lawnmower – 10 yrs old – Anchorage, AK

Magazine Salesman – 14 yrs old – Dover, NH

Cemetery Lawnmower – 15 yrs old – Dover, NH

Migrant Green Bean Picker at Tuttles Red Barn – 15 yrs old – Dover, NH

Strawberry Field Manager and Farm Hand at Emery Farm- Durham, NH

Clerk at Homer’s Records and Tapes – 17 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Customer Service Rep at Blockbuster Video- 17 yrs old – Bellevue, NE

CEO of my own Snow Removal Company – 17 yrs old – Bellevue, NE

Golf Cart Boy at Fontanelle Hills Country Club – 17 yrs old – Bellevue, NE

Busboy at Rosenblatt Stadium View Club – 19 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Waiter at Rosenblatt Stadium View Club – 19 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Restaurant Manager at Rosenblatt Stadium View Club – 20 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Celebrity Catering Manager – Rosenblatt Stadium View Club – 20 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Teacher 3rd Grade English – 21 yrs old – Iasi, Romania

Telemarketer at DialAmerica – 22 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Santa Claus at West Roads Mall – 23 yrs old – Omaha, NE

Catering Manager at Keystone Resort – 22 yrs old – Keystone, CO

Executive Assistant / Romania Project Coordinator – 26 yrs old – Bloomington, IL

Salesman and Painter for Martins Painting Co – 26 yrs old – Normal, IL

Spin Class Instructor at the Workout Co – 26 yrs old – Normal, IL

Beginners Jazz Dance Instructor – 27 yrs old – Bloomington, IL

Financial Rape Artist at Wells Fargo Bank – 26 yrs old – Phoenix, AZ

Waiter and Restaurant Expeditor at Hoolihans Restaurant – 26 yrs old – Phoenix, AZ

Dad – 28 yrs old – Phoenix, AZ

Walgreens Developer Project Manager at Evergreen Devco – 29 yrs old – Phoenix, AZ

Unpaid Home Renovation Helper – 32 yrs old – Scottsdale, AZ

Spin and Aerobics Instructor, YMCA – 33 yrs old – Nashville, TN

Walgreens Developer Project Manager w/Norville Properties – 33 yrs old – Nashville, TN

VP Development at RFM Devco – 36 yrs old – Belle Meade, TN

Teacher for Junior Achievement – 36 yrs old – Nashville, TN

PeeWee Soccer Coach – 36 yrs old – Mt. Juliet, TN

Precinct Officer for Davidson County Election Commission – 36 yrs old – Nashville TN

Analytics and Web Guy for Aliven Labs, LLC – 37 yrs old – Nashville, TN

Conference Sponsor Acquisition for NAMS – 38 yrs old – Atlanta, GA

Web Marketer at DanMorrisMarketing – 38 yrs old – Mt. Juliet, TN

CEO and founder of Blogging Concentrated – 39 yrs old – Mt. Juliet, TN

My Doppelganger Bucket List

22 Jun

I had no idea what to call my bucket list because it is odd indeed. But I love doing these crazy things. I can’t even tell you when it started, but since it started it’s gotten more exciting.

I should probably call it my Aileen Bucket list because it reminds me of something Aileen Bennett would do. But this is all me. So if you’ve got suggestions of things to add to my list, please add ’em!


1. Drink Sambuca at Sambuca Restaurant

Took photos of Venetian Blinds in Venice.
sweet venice 1

“Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” listening to Take it Easy by the Eagles

Twirly Whirly’s on top of the mountain in Salzburg, Austria where Julie Andrews did them in Sound of Music.

Sing “That’s Amore'” while in a Gondola eating Pizza in Venice

Drink Milwaukee’s Best in Milwaukee

Drank a “skyscraper” at the top of the John Hancock Skyscraper in Chicago.

Listen to Big Man on Mulberry Street while on Mulberry Street, Little Italy NY

Drink a St. Pauli’s Girl in St. Paul, MN

Drink a Seattle’s Best in Seattle

Sang along to the Billy Joel’s Allentown in Allentown, PA

Walked 1 mile in the Mile High City

Played the “Oregon Trail” game on the Oregon Trail

Ate potatoes in the Potato state (Idaho) with Mr. Potato Head





2012: The Year of the Teenager

29 May

Holy Moly I’ve never seen as much “amazing” as I have this year from Teenagers.  Today just caps off the list. Let’s look at the teenagers who’ve made 2012 one helluva year so far.

Angela Zhang.  Hopefully someday her name will be as common as Ray Proctor, Marie Curie or Ron Popeil.  I know those are obscure names but this country doesn’t let geniuses get as famous as Michael Jordan, Donald Trump or Katy Perry. It just doesn’t happen. Hopefully twenty years from now when you ask a smart guy who Angela Zhang is, he’ll say “she was the teenager that first cured cancer.”

Angela Zhang, from California, decided that molecular biology was a neat hobby – the way skateboarding or ballet are to other teens. Reading medical journals and deciphering the academic language was just another puzzle. Well she took that love of puzzles and figured out a big one. How to cure cancer.

I don’t think she learned how to prevent it, but rather how to treat it more efficiently and effectively – every time. Her “invention” is a little molecular storage tank that follows a signal to find cancer cells. It attaches itself to the cancer cell and waits. Meanwhile a doctor in the same room (outside the body) turns on an infrared light that melts the molecular storage tank which drops its medicine right on the affected cancer cell..

Boom goes the dynamite!

That’s no small feat, eh?

Then along comes Brittany Wenger of Lakewood Ranch, Florida. She builds an artificial “brain” computer that can accurately assess tissue samples for signs of breast cancer. The whole process of detecting breast cancer screams “inconclusive”.

Doctors want to do it as minimally invasive as possible. . . but that also means the results are just OK. Brittany’s computer makes those results even stronger. And she built it herself.

Not only that, but her computer brain learns as it goes along. Right now it is 99.1% correct after 7.6 million trials. But as the computer learns that will get better and better.

How amazing is that?

Well then I heard about Jack Andraka who may have done something even more amazing. He created a pancreatic cancer test that costs almost nothing and works almost instantly. Pancretic cancer is one of those things that’s hard to detect early. Because of that the success rate is pretty low. Jack’s test may make the success rate 100% someday.

Did I mention he was 15? He figured out that when you have Pancreatic Cancer your body excretes a special protein. So he found a certain kind of paper that reacts to that protein. Urinate on the paper or dip it into a blood sample and you’ll know if you have pancreatic cancer. Can you imagine if his test just becomes one of the things they do whenever they take your urine or blood?

What if it becomes as commonplace as taking your weight? Pancreatic Cancer. Cured.


And that brings me to Shouryya Ray, a 16 year old who solved one of Einstein’s theories with an equation. These aren’t the kinds of problems that are going to solve cancer – but then again nobody’s asked Shouryya Ray to apply his talents in that realm.

He figured out an equation that can calculate air resistance upon a falling body. Before scientists just used close, relevant assumptions, Ray figured out the equation.  Think NASA might be interested in that? What about Bungi Jumpers?

He also figured out the equation to determine how a ball bounces off a wall. Not life shattering but the implications of the equation are endless.

Angela, Jack and Shouryya are not the only teens in the world making great strides, great strategy great innovations. If you know another, please share.